New MacGregor 26 options now available

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New MacGregor 26 options now available

The MacGregor 26 is no longer being built as the MacGregors have retired from production boat building.  The Tattoo 26 is now available to replace it, and we will be coming out with a 22′ trailerable sailboat in Fall, 2013. Our new site is Please visit us there.   We have left this site on line as an archive of the MacGregor 26.


We have added new MacGregor 26 options to our range.  The black hull with molded in white accent stripes that we offered last year on a short term basis was so popular we have made it available on a permanent basis.  It really looks great.

As black Acrilan covers go well with the standard white hull, and both the black and blue hull options, we now offer black mainsail covers, winch covers, steering pedestal covers and Bimini sunshades.

Because so many buyers have asked for it, we also added a pressure water system.  This includes a larger water tank, a pressure water pump, a shower at the transom and a pressure water faucet in the galley in addition to the standard flipper type pump faucet.  This has been a great success.  If you are cruising for extended periods, or just want to rinse off after a quick swim, the shower and added water capacity is a real benefit.


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