Boat Show season is upon us!

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Boat Show season is upon us!

The MacGregor 26 is no longer being built as the MacGregors have retired from production boat building.  The Tattoo 26 is now available to replace it, and we will be coming out with a 22′ trailerable sailboat in Fall, 2013. Our new site is Please visit us there.   We have left this site on line as an archive of the MacGregor 26.


It’s that time again- there are boat shows going on all over the world!  This boat is on its way to the São Paolo Boat Show.

The Southampton Boat Show in the UK started on the 14th and runs through September 23.  Visit Pacific Marine on stand F020.  Various models of the MacGregor 26 have been on display at this show since 1993, and it is a great place to meet up with the dealer and other owners.

In Brazil the São Paolo Boat Show starts on September 28 and runs through October 3rd.  This is the first time the MacGregor 26 Power Sailer will be on display on Brazil.  Visit Paulo Assunção at Nova Marine MacGregor26 on Stand A06.

October starts off with a bang!  In Italy , Blue Angel Yachting will be exhibiting a MacGregor 26 from October 6 to October 14 at the Genoa Boat Show.  The MacGregor is a great boat for the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, and Italian lakes so this should be a very successful show.

In Western Australia, Ecoyachts will be displaying a MacGregor 26 at the Mandurah Boat Show from October 12 to 14.  Stop by and introduce yourself to Klaus Baller.

The Kiev Hunting and Fishing show is the place to see a MacGregor 26 in the Ukraine.  Atlas Marine will have a boat on display in Kiev from October 17 to 20.

Click here to access our calendar, which lists all the upcoming shows in detail: