Under sail

Under sail

The MacGregor 26 is no longer being built as the MacGregors have retired from production boat building.  The Tattoo 26 is now available to replace it, and we will be coming out with a 22′ trailerable sailboat in Fall, 2013. Our new site is tattooyachts.com. Please visit us there.

We have left this site online as an archive of the MacGregor 26.


Quick, stable and responsive, the revolutionary MacGregor 26 is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats.

If you are buying a sailboat for the first time, performance and racing may seem of little interest to you. However, a boat that performs well is generally safer and easier to sail. It will certainly yield greater long-term enjoyment.

The MacGregor 26 balances beautifully. A light touch on the wheel is all that is necessary to track a perfect course. The big twin rudders give excellent control.

The boat is light and therefore requires less sail area to sail fast, so sail handling is easy.

The long, deep daggerboard keeps the boat from side-slipping when sailing into the wind. The board is controlled by a line leading to the cockpit. The dagggerboard and rudders may be raised completely. This allows the boat to be beached without risk of damage.