The MacGregor 26 is no longer being built as the MacGregors have retired from production boat building.  The Tattoo 26 is now available to replace it, and we will be coming out with a 22′ trailerable sailboat in Fall, 2013. Our new site is Please visit us there.

We have left this site online as an archive of the MacGregor 26.


The MacGregor 26 has several safety features that make it a first choice for both seasoned and beginning sailors.


Solid Foam Flotation

The boat has built-in solid foam flotation to keep it afloat in the event of damage. The boat can literally fill with water and still support a crew of 6 as shown.


Even with the ballast tank empty, the boat can take 180 lbs. on the rail and remain flat in the water.


When the ballast tank is filled, the 26 is completely self-righting. This means that the boat will return to an upright position after being pulled over on its side with the sails set. It takes about 300 lbs. at the top of the jib to lean the boat beyond 30 degrees, and 120 lbs at the same place to hold it on its side with the mast parallel to the water.